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Simon Cabaret Phuket

Trip Description

Simon Cabaret Phuket

A spectacular display of color, originality and fun. Simon Cabaret Phuket, since opening in 1991, has established itself as one of the leading shows in Southeast Asia. The show attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each evening. The luxurious and intimate theatre has a 600 seat capacity, fabulous stage designs, a high-tech sound system and stunning lighting equipment.

The unique and popular Simon Cabaret Phuket Show offers an evening of glamorous entertainment unlike any other. The show is one of Phuket’s most popular events and from the moment you enter the venue, you realize that this is going to be a very different and special night.

Be amazed at the professional approach to each musical theme, laugh along at the comedy and fun, and enjoy a visual spectacular that will have you leaving wishing there was more to see.

There will be opportunities to meet the stars of the show for those unforgettable photo moments, and to see just how beautiful they really are.

Trip Booking

Simon Cabaret Phuket

Children (91cm – 140cm) ฿600.00
Adults (140+ cm) ฿800.00
+ ฿200.00




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